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Personal Effects and Excess Luggage

Personal Effects and Excess Luggage

Geneva is a city that offers its visitors such an abundance of options that it is sometimes difficult to keep your shopping under control. Packing up suitcase after suitcase, ending up by buying another one and then a bag …

Standing at the check-in counter, just before boarding, you realise that your journey home might just be more costly than your arrival in Switzerland.

Don’t panic, call 022 798 68 00
Agence Fret Cargo has been offering its services at Geneva airport for 30 years. If you have excess baggage and do not want to pay a prohibitive price, you can contact us by phone or via our chatbot. We will give you a price, and a delivery date at your destination.

No Stress
Our teams will take care of your excess baggage. Our network of nearly 300 specialised partners will make sure your luggage is delivered to you directly.

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Save up to 70% on the price per kilos on our special offers
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