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Agence Fret Cargo | Special care products

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Special care products

Special care products

From time to time, we transport Nitroglycerin!
We know that each transport must be adapted according to the constraints of the products themselves.

In Geneva, Agence Fret Cargo is specialised in the transport of special products in different sectors like food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, chemical, industrial, mechanical and micromechanical (fine watchmaking).

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Agence Fret Cargo is an established company in Geneva and has been handling special products for more than 30 years. As an IATA authorised agent, SpedlogSwiss and GAA network member, we have secured privileged agreements with shipping companies such as Maersk, Evergreen, CMA CGM, Hanjin, and airlines such as Swiss, Lufthansa Cargo, Emirates and Air France. We have a a network of safe warehouses to store products at controlled temperatures all around the world. Our network of agents specialised in the transport of special products present in more than 200 countries allows us to guarantee you a quality services.

No Stress
Our teams come to your doorstep to advise and assist you with your special product transportation projects and much more. We can advise you when it comes to insurance, safety and security of transport, real-time follow-up and customs clearance at both the sending and the destination.
We can help you in the management of all types of transport related documents such as your commercial invoices, packing list, EUR1 Certificate of Origin, EURO_MED Certificate of Origin, GSP Form A Certificate of Origin, Phytosanitary Certificate, Veterinary Certificate , CITES Certificate.

Our exclusive advantages

Express quote in less than 24h
20% savings on your first shipment
Transport and temperature-controlled storage
Pickup with specialised vehicle
Real time shipment tracking
Customs & Secure Delivery




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