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Freight forwarder in Geneva, Agence Fret Cargo works in an environment open to the whole world and on which the sun never sets!

Our import/export specialists are at the cutting edge of logistics engineering and are able to transport your goods, business and personal possessions and diplomatic documents in complete transparency, reliability and security in Switzerland and throughout the world.

Agence Fret Cargo has been present at Geneva Airport for over 30 years

Kilometers travelled by air, land and sea to transport our customers' goods

Shipments processed for over 30 years in Switzerland and worldwide

Airline and shipping partners able to work collectively worldwide

Our freightforwarding agency is located at Geneva airport and can, in case of emergency, intervene immediately to take care of all kinds of unforeseen events (excess luggage, administrative and customs unforeseen events) during boarding thanks to our express service.

Agence Fret Cargo has developed its expertise and the quality of its services while preserving its family tradition which places the human being at its heart. Behind each transport, there is the story of a family or a company which our agency takes the greatest care of.

Our international network

Thanks to more than 30 years of existence at Geneva Airport, the Agence Fret Cargo has forged valuable links with more than 5,000 trusted agents in absolutely every country in the world to transport your goods, documents and personal effects transparently, efficiently and securely.

Our main partners

Our labels

Agence Fret Cargo is recognized by several Swiss and international labels that
offer our demanding customers all the guarantees of know-how and responsibility.

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