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Welcome to the Agence Fret Cargo shipment tracking page.

The air and sea tracking of your containers allows you to follow instantly and in real time the movement of all your international shipments with Agence Fret Cargo by simply entering the tracking number received in your confirmation e-mail.

Cargo & Airway Bill (AWB) Tracking

An Airway Bill number can be 10 to 19 characters and may include a hyphen.

Valid formats: 1234567891, 123-12345678.

An AWB number is a unique reference code which can be anywhere between 10 to 19 characters long, made up of letters and numbers and may include a hyphen.

A successful AWB tracking enquiry will allow you to see the following:

–  Type of Air cargo service

–  Estimated date and time of your cargo’s arrival at each milestone

–  The stops in your cargo’s journey

Shipment & Container Tracking

Container number is made of 4 letters and 7 digits. Format: XXXU1234567

A container number is a unique number made up of 4 letters (container prefix) and 7 numbers printed on your booking forms and on the top right of every container door.

Besides providing information on the current location of your freight container, a successful tracking enquiry will allow you to see:

–  Type and size of your container

–  Estimated date and time of your container’s arrival at each milestone

–  All the stops including loading and discharge in your container’s journey