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Personnes qui marchent à l'aéroport Transport de fret pour particuliers freight transport for individuals
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Planning a international relocation soon? Agence Fret Cargo will accompany you to the next chapter in your life, in Switzerland and around the world. 

As a cargo and freight company, we can also take care of transporting your belongings when you travel, sending your parcels, transporting your pet or your vehicle.

Agence Fret Cargo, specialized in freight transport for individuals, is a family-owned company with a vast international network and renowned Swiss know-how.

Our professional expertise and our human proximity make Agence Fret Cargo a true craftsman of transport, cultivating care of a job well done and excellence of service for its demanding customers.

How it works ?

Your goods

Personal effects and excess baggage

From your home or the airport to its final destination, Agence Fret Cargo, specialized in freight transport for individuals, takes care of your personal effects with the utmost care and security.

Our agency takes care of the necessary administrative and customs documents for you.

In the case of unexpected excess baggage at the airport, our agency is able to deal with your emergency immediately in order to avoid a prohibitive price and provide you with a rate and a delivery date for your excess baggage within the hour.

National and international relocation

The time has come to open a new chapter in your life, in Switzerland or abroad. Agence Fret Cargo, specialized in freight transport for individuals,  accompanies you in this important moment by offering you its moving service, which includes the packing of your furniture and effects at your home, the transport adapted to your financial and temporal budget, the administrative and customs formalities, the real time follow-up of the routing to your new home as well as the unpacking and the installation of your belongings. Not only Switzerland, but to and from all over the world.

Personne qui attend à l'aéroport Transport de fret pour particuliers Freight transport for individuals
Intérieur aéroport Transport de fret pour particuliers Freight transport for individuals

Import and delivery

Agence Fret Cargo is the specialist in Geneva for import – including express import – and delivery. Our agency is particularly well known in the food, textile, sports, industrial and mechanical sectors as well as in the handling of administrative and customs formalities.​

Special care products

Some products require special formalities, handling and routing that must be handled with the utmost care. Agence Fret Cargo, a member of SpedLogSwiss and the Global Affinity Alliance (GAA) network, is authorized by the International Air Transport Association (IATA). As such, our agency has a worldwide network of carriers and secure warehouses permitting us to transport and store products, even at controlled temperatures.​


Animal transport conditions are a major concern for pet owners. Agence Fret Cargo, specialized in freight transport for individuals,  accompanies you from the vaccination formalities, in the choice of its transport shelter, until the final destination of your four-legged or feathered companion, while allowing you to follow its routing in real time.​

Transfer of vehicles

Whether your vehicle is a bicycle, a car, a motorcycle, a boat or a helicopter, Agence Fret Cargo organizes its transport and takes care of all the administrative and customs procedures, in Switzerland and throughout the world.​
Chien en voiture Transport de fret pour particuliers Freight transport for individuals

Dangerous goods

Agence Fret Cargo is accredited for the transport of dangerous goods, such as diving bottles, stoves and gas cartridges for camping, various batteries. Dangerous goods require special formalities, handling and routing that must be treated with the utmost care. Agence Fret Cargo, member of SpedLogSwiss and the Global Affinity Alliance (GAA) network, is authorized by the International Air Transport Association (IATA). As such, our agency has a worldwide network of specialized carriers and secure warehouses enabling us to transport and store dangerous goods in accordance with the standards in force.​


The role of a freight forwarder is to help companies and individuals meet their international transportation needs.

The freight forwarder is the architect of transportation. Its mission is to organize transportation so that the goods arrive safely at their destination, on the desired date, by optimizing the means of transportation (air, sea and road) and reducing costs at the best price.

The forwarder also takes care of all the administrative aspects. This includes shipping and customs documents, insurance coverage (on request only), transportation contracts, and port and terminal charges. In addition, the freight forwarder coordinates the shipping process, ensuring compliance with local and international regulations.

Agence Fret Cargo SA is authorized to ship all kinds of goods, including express shipments. This includes the transportation of conventional goods such as personal effects, excess luggage, textiles, industrial products, musical instruments, works of art, vehicles and even pets.

Agence Fret Cargo also transports more complex goods requiring special handling and/or routing and/or formalities such as special care products, pharmaceutical or cosmetic products, dangerous goods or goods requiring special temperatures (foodstuffs, cosmetics or pharmaceutical products).

Do you have any questions about your goods? We are here to help you. Please contact us for information and support. You will also find more information about the type of goods in the next FAQ.

Agence Fret Cargo has a network of trusted agents all over the world which guarantees secure, reliable and transparent transportation of goods in Switzerland and all over the world.

Yes, because life is made up of unexpected events, we are always ready to help you, even if it is urgent.

Agence Fret Cargo works in an environment open to the whole world and where the sun never sets! Our specialists are at the forefront of logistics engineering and are able to transport your goods and personal effects in a transparent, reliable and secure manner in Switzerland and throughout the world very quickly thanks to our Express service.

Simply placing your objects in boxes to protect them is not sufficient. We recommend wrapping them in protective packaging appropriate to their degree of fragility. Use bubble wrap, cellophane and old newspapers for delicate items such as dishes. Place tissue paper between plates before stacking them on top of each other.

If you need to pack furniture, you can find special protective covers, but also tarps and blankets designed to keep them dust-free. Clothes and linens will be safe in vacuum bags to save space.

If you’ve kept the original packaging for appliances, now is the time to reuse them for safe transport. Take care to remove the batteries beforehand.

If needed, we can send you a professional packer to pack your belongings at an hourly rate.

The carrier’s insurance often covers only a small part of the value of the goods transported. For this reason, it is advisable to take out additional transport insurance with our agency. Agence Fret Cargo can provide you with comprehensive all-risk insurance coverage for your goods worldwide, regardless of the mode of transport, at the best price. Contact us to find out more.

Our specialists will support you in reviewing and assessing your risks, and then work with you to develop an insurance solution tailored to your specific needs. In addition, we have a worldwide network of experts at our disposal for fast and professional claims handling.

We leave the choice up to you according to your budget and your time.

You can deliver the goods to us at the loading dock in the Fret Cargo area of the Geneva airport. Call us to find out the schedule and the arrival details.

For an additional fee, our delivery drivers are also available to have your goods picked up at your home, workplace or any other location you specify and then proceed with the shipment. They are also trained to help you pack your belongings.

Thanks to a powerful computer system, we are also able to quickly provide you with details of flights (or of the ship in case of maritime transport), reservation numbers as well as the documents necessary for your shipment as well as the contact of our agent at the destination in order to facilitate the delivery to your home or to the airport of destination (or to the port of destination in case of maritime transport).

We offer freight shipments from 30kg or more or grouped shipments with no weight limit.

For shipments under 30kg we have created a partnership with the Expedismart group which offers you automated solutions at the best rates.

Personal effects are defined as all common items, such as clothing, jewelry, personal gadgets, mobile equipment, electrical appliances and cameras and related accessories. This definition, however, does not include promotional samples or things you plan to sell.

Please note that personal effects can sometimes contain hidden hazardous materials that are not allowed to be transported or simply need to be declared or segregated in a separate package.

For over 30 years we have been the worldwide specialists in the transport of personal belongings, ask us now for a quote for the transport of your personal effects, we are here to help you.

We invite you to contact us for more information on the prices and conditions for shipping your package by air.

“Dangerous goods” means any material or object containing materials which, by their nature, properties or condition, are likely to be dangerous during transport.
Here are some examples of common products classified as “dangerous goods”:

  • Electrically powered equipment
  • Wheelchair batteries
  • Some automotive parts
  • Diving equipment
  • Some medical supplies
  • Camping equipment

In general, “dangerous goods” are assigned to one of the following categories:

  • Explosives, ammunition and fireworks
  • Gases and gas mixtures
  • Flammable liquids and solids and mixtures of substances liable to spontaneous combustion
  • Substances which, in contact with water, give off flammable gases
  • Flammable substances (oxidizing or combustibles) and organic peroxides
  • Toxic substances
  • Infectious substances
  • Radioactive materials
  • Corrosive materials
  • Materials hazardous to the environment and water

Agence Fret Cargo is accredited for the transport of dangerous goods. Dangerous goods require special formalities, handling and routing which must be handled with the utmost care. Agence Fret Cargo, a member of SpedLogSwiss and the GAA network, is accredited by the IATA. As such, our agency has a worldwide network of specialized carriers and secure warehouses that allow us to transport and store dangerous goods in accordance with the standards in force.

Depending on your delivery time or budget, we can transport your vehicle by plane, boat, truck and train.

The price of the transport will depend on the distance to be covered, and whether it is to be transported by a car by train or by truck.

If it is a question of transporting a car to an international destination, the transport by plane would be the fastest and safest way.

By ship remains the cheapest and most used way to transport vehicles internationally. Since the vehicle is in a container when transported by sea, it is also possible to include many personal belongings.

Ask us now for a quotation for the transport of your car, we are here to inform you and accompany you.

Yes, we also transport your pets such as dogs, cats, ferrets, domestic rabbits, birds or even your reptiles. Agence Fret Cargo will accompany you and your pet. We will inform and advise you on vaccination formalities and the choice of transport cage, while allowing you to follow the shipment in real time.

L’Agence Fret Cargo a mis en place des procédures relatives à la durée du transport, au véhicule et au personnel afin que les transports soient effectués de manière à ménager les animaux autant que possible.

Agence Fret Cargo has put in place procedures concerning the duration of the transport, the vehicle and the personnel so that the transport is carried out in a way that is as gentle as possible for the animals.

Additional rules applicable to tourism: some pets should not accompany you on vacation. For more information on this subject, see Traveling with pets.

Ask us now for a quote for transporting your pet, we are here to help you.

Yes, Agence Fret Cargo provides international transportation of bodies, which consists of transporting the coffin out of Switzerland, as well as the administrative procedures that accompany it in partnership with all funeral professionals. We work 24 hours a day and over all distances with the greatest respect for the deceased.

In the case of international transport, we coordinate the reception of the coffin in a hearse in coordination with the funeral home for the repatriation by plane. However, for repatriation to neighboring countries such as France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Belgium, Germany, transportation by hearse may be preferred. For information, the transport abroad requires a hermetic coffin in the majority of the cases and the application of conservation care on the deceased.

The transportation of a funeral urn is not subject to the same regulations as the transportation of a casket. Therefore, any family member can transport a funeral urn. However, if the urn is being transported abroad, it is necessary to obtain authorization in case of customs controls. A multilingual death certificate can also be provided by the town hall of the place of death to facilitate controls.

The choice of the urn is important in case of transport. Choose urns made of resistant materials and equipped, if possible, with an inner bag to protect the ashes.

The transportation of a deceased person by air from one country to another requires formalities and is subject to specific conditions.

If you have any questions on this subject, please contact us at 022 798 68 00

To obtain an estimate, we need the following information:

  • Type of goods
  • Place of departure
  • Final destination
  • Weight and/or volume
  • Desired date of arrival

The cost of air freight is equal to the taxable weight multiplied by the price per kilo plus taxes and surcharges.

The price per kilo decreases as the weight increases, this is the principle of the economy of scale.

For example, a 100 kg shipment will cost less in terms of price per kilo than a 40 kg shipment.

Carrying comforters or duvets by airplane takes up space and volume in the hold but weighs very few kilos. Therefore, airlines have established a weight to volume ratio of 1 ton for 6m3. The real volume is divided by 6 to obtain the weight volume used as a basis for pricing, 1m3 will represent 166.67kg.

The taxable weight of a shipment is always to the advantage of the airline: if the real gross weight is 65 kg and the volume weight resulting from the above calculation is 105 kg, it will be necessary to pay for the 105 kg.

There is a minimum charge for small shipments, usually under 30kg.

Taxes and surcharges:

The tariff surcharges correspond to the possibility for the companies to face cost increases due to exogenous and uncontrollable factors, such as:


Because of the regular variations in the price of kerosene, airlines have set up a method for calculating fuel surcharges. The calculation system follows the fluctuation of the cost of the Rotterdam Jet Kerosene market. This surcharge is valid regardless of the destination and the taxable weight, excluding the minimum collection fee.

Security tax

Since the attacks of September 11, 2001, the assistants in the airport pack the freight so that it can be transported on the planes. The security aspect of this packaging includes several steps, including an X-ray to ensure that the package is not dangerous. Therefore, a fee has been established to compensate for the additional costs associated with cargo security.

Additional costs

Additional costs are due to pick-up, trucking, insurance premiums, document issuance fees, customs presentation, transshipment or dangerous goods premiums, depending on the services requested from the forwarder.

Multimodal transport is a transport of goods combining at least two different modes of transport (air, sea, road and rail).

Consolidation of goods refers to the process of reorganizing and grouping goods in order to unify the management of transportation. It is a method commonly used in the logistics sector as it allows for cost reduction.

Consolidation is therefore characterized by the grouping of goods of several customers in a truck or a container, in maritime or intermodal transport with the aim of avoiding having a half-empty vehicle transporting the goods of a single customer.

Carriers generally offer two services:

  • – Full truckload: the load of one customer occupies an entire truck or container.
  • – Less-than-truckload (LTL): the loads of several customers are grouped together in one truck or container.

Consolidation of freight makes long-distance shipments more accessible to small businesses and individuals.

By consolidating loads, carriers can handle the goods of several customers at the same time and offer the opportunity of reducing transportation costs. With logistics consolidation, you only pay for the space your goods occupy in the transport unit.

However, the collection and delivery schedules for this type of transport are less precise than with full loads. With consolidation, the carrier must first make a trip to load the customer’s goods, and then deliver them to each of the recipients. This workflow makes the time slots of consolidated carriers more approximative; full truckloads are generally more precise in terms of delivery and collection times since they carry out one direct route from point A to point B.

Ask us now for a quote for your consolidated transport, we are here to answer your questions.

As transportation engineers we help you optimize the costs of your logistics by helping you choose best means of transportation (air, sea, road) according to your specific needs. We also offer you options for full truckload or consolidation transportation, providing you with ideas for condensing goods to reduce their size and transportation costs.

Ask for a quote for your transport now, we are here to help you make the best choices.

Customs is in charge of safety and security checks, as well as tax collection.

In the case of freight transport, Agence Fret Cargo is responsible for customs declarations, for both import and export, based on the information provided by the sender. The sender is obliged to provide complete and accurate information on the contents of the shipment.

Yes, customs officers, as part of their anti-fraud mission, are required to carry out checks on freight and postal shipments.

The shipments circulate via large processing centers, for example, at the Fret Cargo building at Geneva airport. This is where the parcels are cleared through customs, i.e. where the applicable duties and taxes on the goods are paid and the goods are checked by customs.

Customs is responsible for carrying out safety/security controls:

Safety refers to the fight against terrorist threats (chemical, bacteriological, nuclear attacks…).

Security refers to the protection of the health and well-being of citizens and the environment (counterfeit goods, drugs, sanitary and phytosanitary regulations, etc.).

In addition, the customs service has a fiscal mission to collect customs duties, VAT and other import taxes.

To this end, customs agents examine packages in order to:

  • verify the presence or absence of goods subject to prohibitions or restrictions.
  • verify that the information on the customs declaration corresponds to the nature, quantity or value of the goods, and therefore the adequacy between the information provided and the goods themselves.

No, the offer we send you is free, and its validity date is mentioned on the offer, the usual validity date is 1 month.

Yes by clicking on the following link: Track my package

Agence Fret Cargo assists its customers in their move with our Best Practices Kit. This kit includes several models of boxes, Scotch tape and clever advice on how to reassemble everything on arrival and how to protect your back.

When your package or personal effects were shipped, you must have received a document (called an Air Way Bill [AWB] with a number) from the airline or freight forwarder.

If you have used a freight forwarder for your shipment, please contact them with the AWB number.

If you did not use a freight forwarder, contact the assistance agent of the airline on which your goods were shipped.

To pick up your shipment independently at the freight hall, you must first complete the customs import formalities

Autorites and then present yourself with your AWB to the handling agent representing the airline on which your goods were transported. Two handling agents operate at Geneva Airport, Swissport and Dnata representing the airlines.

If you wish, Agence Fret Cargo can take care of the customs clearance of your parcels or personal effects and deliver them to your home.

For export:

– Monday to Thursday: 08:00 – 12:00 and 13:30 – 18:00

– Friday: 08:00 -12:00 and 13:30 – 19:00

– Saturday to Sunday: closed.

On import:

– Monday: 07:30 – 17:00

– Tuesday to Friday: 08:00 – 17:30

– Saturday to Sunday: closed.

  • By bus: Geneva public transport lines 23, 28 and Y, stop Fret.
  • By car: the freight hall is located opposite Palexpo and next to the Arena. Visitor parking is available in front of the freight hall building.
  • See plan Link


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The company on which the sun never sets

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