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Agence Fret Cargo, like international Geneva where it is established, cultivates a sense of transparency and discretion for international diplomatic corps when they need to move to a new house and in the transportation of diplomatic bags.

In order to serve a demanding clientele linked to the precious activities of international Geneva, Agence Fret Cargo offers diplomatic corps its transportation service to and from Switzerland and worldwide.

Agence Fret Cargo is located at Geneva airport and is able to, in case of emergency, intervene immediately to take care of all kinds of unforeseen events thanks to our express delivery service.

How it works ?

Your goods

Diplomatic bags

For more than 30 years, Agence Fret Cargo has been transporting diplomatic parcels, suitcases and folders for its demanding clientele in complete discretion and security, in accordance with the standards in force.

For more information on our diplomatic services, please contact Agence Fret Cargo.​

Avion en vol

House moves for the diplomatic corps

The time has come to open a new chapter in your career, in Switzerland or abroad.

Agence Fret Cargo accompanies diplomats and staff of diplomatic missions in this important moment by offering you its moving service, which includes the packing of your furniture and effects at your home, the transportation adapted to your financial and time budget, the administrative and customs formalities, the follow-up in real time of the routing in your new home as well as the unpacking and the installation in Switzerland and all over the world.​

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white airliner on tarmack

Air freight

Transporting your goods by air is simple, fast and safe.
As a result of globalisation, air transport has developed strongly in recent years and its use has increased, particularly for international shipments

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Avion couché de soleil

The different ways of transporting goods

Logistics is a complex business where there are many ways to ship and deliver goods. For a shipper, it is essential to consider which way of transporting goods is the most appropriate and efficient to meet its needs or those of its customers.

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Intérieur aéroport

The company on which the sun never sets

For more than thirty years, Agence Fret Cargo has been transporting your parcels from all over the world to Geneva, and from Geneva to anywhere in the world. Over the years, our family-run SME has built up an extensive network of more than 320 partners around the world. In addition, we have transported parcels for more than 35,000 orders. The Agence Fret Cargo, the company on which the sun never sets.

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